Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A school in Nashville is planning an educational field trip for 60 students to visit the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville. The teachers want to provide comfortable transportation for the 5th grade students, so they decide to rent a charter bus. After getting a quote from Knoxville Party Bus Company, they select a 56 passenger charter bus for the roundtrip from Nashville. The quote is $2,100 for the day, which covers pickup in Nashville at 8am, the drive to Knoxville, a full day for museum tours and activities, and return to Nashville by 6pm. With the large bus, it comes out to only $35 per student for transportation. The teachers appreciate the professional team and modern amenities like wifi and power outlets to keep students happy during the 90 minute drive. Though the quote is higher than a school bus, they feel the charter bus is the best option for a full day field trip.


Example #2

When a local Knoxville corporation needs transportation for an important out-of-town corporate event, our charter buses are the perfect solution. For example, we recently provided transportation for a group of 32 employees attending a 2-day conference in Chattanooga. The total trip was 140 miles round-trip. We provided a spacious 56-passenger charter bus with comfortable reclining seats, onboard restroom, TVs, and WiFi to keep everyone productive on the 1.5 hour drive. For this 2-day charter, the total quote came out to $2,240. This covered pickup and dropoff at their Knoxville office, roundtrip transportation to the event venue in Chattanooga, and 8 total hours of service including wait time during the event. With 32 passengers, this worked out to just $70 per person for convenient group transportation. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, conference, team building event or business meeting, our charter buses provide an affordable and professional transportation solution for companies in Knoxville.


Example #3:

One of our most popular charter bus rentals in Knoxville is transporting sports teams and fans. For example, we recently provided transportation for a youth baseball team traveling from Knoxville to Nashville for a weekend tournament. The team rented one of our 56-passenger buses for the 3 hour roundtrip journey. We quoted them $660 for the rental based on the 180 mile roundtrip distance. Since it was during the peak spring travel season, we added a 10% surcharge, bringing the total to $726. The team was able to comfortably transport all players, coaches, and gear to Nashville for their games. Having a charter bus eliminated the need for multiple vehicles and allowed the team to stay together. Charter bus transport for sports teams makes travel efficient and stress-free. At the end of their Nashville trip, the team was so pleased that they gave our exceptional staff a generous tip.


Example #4:

A local youth sports team is planning an end-of-season trip for their 12 and under baseball club. They want to reward the kids for their hard work with a fun day exploring Knoxville. The coach books a charter bus to transport the team of 18 players plus parents and siblings for a total of 35 passengers. He rents a minibus for a Saturday in June from 9am to 6pm to allow plenty of time for activities. The quoted price for the Knoxville minibus rental is $140 per hour. With 9 hours booked, the total comes to $1,260. The coach tips 10% at the end of the day, bringing the grand total to $1,386. The kids have a blast visiting the Sunsphere, riding the trolley, exploring downtown Knoxville, and of course, eating lots of ice cream. It’s a memorable end to a great season for the team.


Example #5:

A couple planning their dream wedding in Knoxville needed transportation for their 80 out-of-town guests attending the ceremony and reception. They decided to book a charter bus rental for the big day to shuttle guests between the two locations. We provided a 28 passenger executive coach for 8 hours, starting at the ceremony venue at 2pm and ending at the reception venue at 10pm. The total cost for the charter bus was $2,400. This worked out to only $30 per guest for comfortable transportation on their special day. The charter bus allowed the wedding party to serve champagne and snacks en route to keep the celebration going. Our experienced team knew the best routes to avoid traffic or delays. The bride and groom were thrilled with the service and tipped 15% for $360, bringing their total charter bus rental cost to $2,760.

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